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CafeSwap is a binance smart chain yield farming and staking project which aims to solve inflation problems to sustain the ecosystem

Hey Brewers,

Quite a rollercoaster of a week, don’t you think? Unsurprisingly, the Café has been buzzing as well in the last few days. Missed out on all the action? Here’s a recap of all the happenings on CafeSwap in this 2-month long journey. Grab a brew, you’ll need it.

The Journey So Far

Some backstory will paint a clear picture of the progress of the Cafe. CafeSwap started as a community-driven project with an all-hands-on-deck philosophy. Little wonder, $BREW got sold out within 2 minutes of the pre-sale process on 11th Feb 2021.

New DEX And Analytics, Same CafeSwap

The current abode of the Café wasn’t our first home…

Hello, Brewers

Its time to deep drive into space with AstroNaut,

Astronaut and Cafeswap will be forming a strategic partnership to better expand community reach, access new products (in the future), and create pools/farms for $NAUT and $BREW holders.

What is AstroNaut?

Astronaut is an auto yield generator and a multi-phase protocol built for token pools and auctions enabling BSC projects to raise capital on a decentralized and interoperable environment. The platform allows cryptocurrency projects to raise funds by setting up a swap pool based on a fixed purchase rate for tokens. …

Hey brewers, are you ready for some tasty, rare MOCHA tokens? Well, it’s your lucky day. All that brewing is about to pay off because thousands of brewers will be getting MOCHA tokens just for surviving the heat of the Café.

Wondering if you qualify? Here’s the breakdown of the qualifying conditions :

Criteria 1 (CafeSwap Lp Migration )(Snapshot March 21-March 27)

Brewers that moved their old Cake LP to the CafeDEX liquidity pool from March 21st to March 27th, 2021 will win a share of 500 MOCHA tokens. …

Hey Brewers,

We have wonderful news about the Cafe. You might want to grab a glass of your favorite brew for this one because it’s such a mood changer.

Onboarding New Projects

CafeSwap is ready to host IDOs/IFOs. For genuine projects looking to raise the needed funds to begin operations, the Café will serve as the perfect launchpad.

Partnership Form:

As mass adoption of the Blockchain continues to gain momentum, viable projects are looking to pitch their ideas to investors through the opportunity of Initial Farm Openings (IFO)/Initial Dex Offerings(IDO). …

Hey Brewers!

You may have seen the CafeSwap Upgradation plan but it seems pretty confusing for newbies right,
Here is a step-by-step guide to let you know, how to deal with the new upgrade.

The farming pools that will go live tomorrow will be

This all pools will be powered by cafeswap lps
Here is what you need to do to participate and earn those high juicy APR if you are in old pools:

  1. Unstake your LP from corresponding old pools at
  2. Head towards
  3. Remove liquidity
  4. Separate the liquidity(Do not sell else…

Hey Brewers!

Remember the objective? Of course, you do. We are fueled up with transparency and carrying our community along, leading us to this moment: providing updates on the state of the ecosystem and what the CafeSwap team have been working on behind the scene.

DEX Launching

You asked for it and now it’s here: the DEX launch is happening. It has been a long time coming. And now, it’s about to happen.

No rush! We will take it one sip at a time — it’s brewing hot, so that’s expected. …

Happy Monday brewers,

Time for another great update in the Brewery so grab your cup of joe and read through!

CafeSwap is introducing a freshly brewed Lottery and it’s not just any ordinary lottery that you can find in other places — We will have two different types of lotteries:

$BREW Lottery

This $BREW lottery will be organized every day and 20% of each round’s total allocation(pot size) will be burned on a weekly basis. We will provide our community a detailed report of weekly burns every Thursday. …

The Biggest Meme Rumble in BSC Ecosystem comes to an End. 🎊🎉🥁🥁
It was really tough Battle but here we have our Top 10 winners.

Here are the Top 10 Winner’s
1st Place ($150) :

2nd Place ($100) :

3rd Place ($75) :

4th & 5th Place ($50 each) :

6th — 10th Place ($25 each) :

Congratulations to the Winners.

Your Meme didn’t make it into Top 10? Don’t worry, as promised we have received more than 50 Meme Entries so We have picked 10 Random Memes which will…

Hello brewers,

Our community has been eagerly waiting for new announcements regarding CafeSwap’s developments, so we would like to share some of our exciting news!

All coffee enthusiasts know how delicious mocha lattes can be during the morning, but what does this mean for the future of CafeSwap? Drumroll, please….!!!

Let’s welcome our new upcoming token to the family — $MOCHA

Introducing $MOCHA

$MOCHA is a new and upcoming deflationary token with multiple use cases in the CafeSwap ecosystem:

There will be a 1% fee for every $MOCHA transfer, from which 0.9% is burned and the remaining 0.1% is reserved for NFT…

Good day brewers,

The community has spoken and we have listened — We are opening two staking pools for BUSD and USDT!

These pools will be fully sponsored by the rewards received from the Developer’s wallet in the form of 144 BREW tokens per day and not a single additional token will be minted for these stablecoin pools.

Stablecoin pools are low-risk and low reward pools for people who want to have the chance to earn BREW tokens. …

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