Caffeinated BuyBack Vaults

We're excited to kick start the week with our unique CafeSwap BuyBack Vaults to maximize profits for our Brewers to receive more rewards and maximum yields for our Brewers.

Here is a brief overview of how our Buyback Vaults work.

The new CafeSwap BuyBack Vaults will help decrease the selling pressure on our BREW/pBREW and boost the value of our tokens.

Head to our Buyback Vaults tab and start earning #BREW with the highest Apys. You can now deposit $CAKE and the following pairs to maximize your profits:

Visit :

The Buyback vaults function by the indirect deposit of the tokens to the pools while distributing more rewards. For instance, if a user decides to deposit $CAKE in CafeSwap BuyBack vaults, the $CAKE will then be deposited into the source farm that is PancakeSwap. The token obtained from the deposited $CAKE will be auto-converted into $BREW tokens which will then be bought back from the market by selling the CAKE tokens to increase the price floor of $BREW eventually. As a result, the Buyback $BREW will be sent to CafeSwap single staking pool, generating more value for #BREW and resulting in higher APY.

Instead of auto- compounding, users will maximize their BREW/pBREW, earning more than the expected APY% to provide maximum yields for your investment without minting a single BREW!
We will be auto-compounding most platforms to obtain the highest buyback rate for BREW/pBREW increasing the price floor with contrast buying pressure and simultaneously burn a certain % of the rewards obtained from the Cafeswap single staking without affecting the APY% to give a better price floor for the tokens.

We are excited about what's coming to CafeSwap and we can't wait to tell you more!

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CafeSwap is a Cross Chain chain yield farming, staking and AMM platform. Visit us at

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CafeSwap is a Cross Chain chain yield farming, staking and AMM platform. Visit us at

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