SolChicks IGO: Important Community Update!
3 min readDec 5, 2021

As many of you are aware, there have been circulating rumors and concerns about SolChicks, and this has caused divergent opinions. After a thorough investigation of the concurrent events, we came to conclude that SolChicks team is committed to building their project to the best interest of their investors.

The team at SolChicks have Extended the TGE to one week later instead of 6th December to be able to manage the Funds they raised from the token sale and distribute the allocations accordingly.

Since CafeSwap’s inception, we have strived to operate with Transparency and Accountability because these values are critical to advancing our goal of putting our community first to communicate the following steps with regards to the SolChicks IGO.

We will put an option for our investors to get a refund from their commitment who wish to withdraw from the token sale and give an opportunity to those who still wish to stay committed to their investments.

For those who prefer to be refunded, kindly fill out the attached form with your correct information unfailingly by 6PM UTC, 7 December, 2021. Only those who wish to get refunded are required to fill out this form. As soon as all the necessary details are thoroughly reviewed and sorted through, your funds will be sent to the provided address.

On the other hand, if you are still willing to participate, no further course of action is required from you. We will proceed to send your funds to the SolChicks team to receive the allocation proportional to your spent funds at the specified TGE date .

Because we value the opinions and decisions of our community, we have chosen to go in this direction. Thank you for your continued trust and support in CafeSwap. We are committed to being transparent at every point in our bid to always do what is best for the community.

**Note: CafeSwap is NOT to be held responsible for any decision taken by investors willing to participate or refrain from participating in the IGO.**

About SolChicks

SolChicks is a fantasy Play-to-Earn game built around SolChick NFT collectibles, where players use their SolChicks as their characters in a unique Gaming Metaverse. SolChicks allows you to discover rare collectibles and be rewarded for your playtime through a detailed, integrated ecosystem, all while taking advantage of the power of decentralized ownership that cryptocurrency brings. As one of the first NFT-driven gaming platforms built on the Solana blockchain, SolChicks has combined the best of both worlds into one integrated gaming platform so you can enjoy unique NFT collectibles, and use them as main characters in an exciting virtual world. The SolChicks project is ultimately focused on uniting people together in an enjoyable ‘play and earn’ experience through blockchain innovation and integration.

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CafeSwap is a Standalone Automated Market Maker (AMM) offering a suite of yield farming, yield optimization, and staking platform, to trade multichain assets with the lowest transaction fees available. It is a one-stop DeFi solution to make decentralized finance services accessible to liquidity providers and yield aggregators.

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