The Brewery Is Evolving | Dual Farming & NFT Dual Reward Booster
3 min readMar 9, 2021

Hello brewers,

Our community has been eagerly waiting for new announcements regarding CafeSwap’s developments, so we would like to share some of our exciting news!

All coffee enthusiasts know how delicious mocha lattes can be during the morning, but what does this mean for the future of CafeSwap? Drumroll, please….!!!

Let’s welcome our new upcoming token to the family — $MOCHA

Introducing $MOCHA

$MOCHA is a new and upcoming deflationary token with multiple use cases in the CafeSwap ecosystem:

There will be a 1% fee for every $MOCHA transfer, from which 0.9% is burned and the remaining 0.1% is reserved for NFT staking pool. The maximum supply of $MOCHA is still to be decided, but while our team is deciphering high-level mathematical equations to solve this, how about we look into some of the amazing use cases?

As a proud owner of $MOCHA, you will have access to the following perks:

◾ Participating in IFOs
◾ Participating in Limited Staking Pools
◾Farming $BREW
◾Earning $MOCHA from CafeSwap Smart Vaults

Pretty neat huh? We think so too!

But what are these so-called ‘CafeSwap Smart Vaults’ and why are they so smart?

CafeSwap Smart Vaults

Our new smart vaults are very different from the usual vaults you see in the BSC DeFi ecosystem for a few reasons:

◾They have the lowest fees in the market
◾ No deposit fees
◾You can earn $MOCHA rewards from our smart vaults

Depositing in smart vaults provides you Vault Share tokens in addition to your regular farming rewards that you can use to farm more $MOCHA. This is the beauty of dual farming!

All our upcoming Partner smart vaults will have an amazing buyback and burn feature, which will help in fueling our ecosystem. 2% of collected fees from users' profits will be used for BREW buyback and burn.

In addition to that, collected fees on our own CafeSwap smart vaults will help burn more $BREW and hence sustain the total supply.

Wow, we can already feel all minds being blown, but we’re not done quite yet! Final drumroll, please………!

NFT Dual Reward Booster Staking

Yes, it is coming very soon. This was one of the most highly anticipated items on our roadmap and we are proud to have this available for our community soon.

We didn’t want to create NFTs just because they look cool or because they are rare, we want them to bring value to our ecosystem. This is why we are introducing a unique staking use case for our upcoming NFTs.

So how will it work? For every ICO(Initial Cafe Offerings) that will be held on CafeSwap, 100 limited edition NFTs will be released for that project. There will be a whitelisting process, where participants will have to lock a certain amount of $BREW tokens. 100 participants will be randomly selected and their locked $BREW will be immediately burned in return for acquiring a limited edition NFT.

Not only will the 100 lucky participants get bragging rights for owning a rare limited edition NFT, but they can stake their NFT to earn Dual booster rewards (Partner’s token and $BREW) for 7–10 days!

As promised, our team is working relentlessly to develop CafeSwap and this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are some pretty cool innovations happening in the BSC Defi scene, but we consider ourselves pretty unique as well.

Make yourselves a lovely cup of coffee and enjoy the rest of the week!

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