Mocha Token Community Airdrop Splash

Hey brewers, are you ready for some tasty, rare MOCHA tokens? Well, it’s your lucky day. All that brewing is about to pay off because thousands of brewers will be getting MOCHA tokens just for surviving the heat of the Café.

Wondering if you qualify? Here’s the breakdown of the qualifying conditions :

Criteria 1 (CafeSwap Lp Migration )(Snapshot March 21-March 27)

Brewers that moved their old Cake LP to the CafeDEX liquidity pool from March 21st to March 27th, 2021 will win a share of 500 MOCHA tokens. This applies to all brewers that carry out this migration exercise within this timeline, regardless of the size of their LP token.

Criteria 2 (Loyal Brewers/Stakers) (Snapshot 5 April 6:00 AM UTC+0)

Have you been a loyal brewer? If yes, then you can expect your MOCHA reward as well. Just be sure you staked your BREW tokens before the 5th of April 2021 06:00 AM UTC+0.

Both SmartVault and CafeSwap Stakers are eligible with a minimum stake of 25 BREW tokens.

For those that fulfill this condition, A share of 500 MOCHA tokens awaits you. Surprised? Well, the Café never forgets loyal brewers.

Criteria 3 (BREW-BNB Smart Vaults LP) (Snapshot Ongoing)

Don’t belong to any of the above categories? Don’t panic. You’ll still get MOCHA, but you have to earn it. To do this, you must stake your BREW-BNB LP in the smart vaults You must have at least 5 svCafeBREW-BNB tokens in your personal wallet. Of course, you can have more than 5.

Actually, the more you stake, the greater your chance of getting MOCHA. Remember the top 500 brewers will get a share of 1000 MOCHA tokens according to the svCaféBREW-BNB tokens in the wallet, The more you provide liquidity the greater the share.

You can earn from all three categories as long as you meet the criteria attached.

Not sure how to get the svBREW-BNB token? Here are the steps to follow:

1) Add liquidity to the BREW-BNB pool on the DEX site,

2) Then proceed to stake your BREW-BNB LP tokens on the

3) After entering into the smart vaults you get a share token known as svCafeBREW-BNB

4) Don’t transfer or sell this token to anyone as it will halt your vault withdrawal

5) There is no fixed ratio for the vault token, It’s a share token so the earlier you stake the more share token you receive.

6) You can track the holder's list here:

7) Current rate for the share token as of writing this blog is 1 svCafeBREW-BNB for 1.14 BREW-BNB LP tokens staked in café smart vaults.

Hungry for those 1000 MOCHA tokens? Then act quickly as this opportunity is only open from 2nd April to 20th April.

Reward distribution

MOCHA tokens will be distributed to successful participants after the conclusion of the campaign. Everyone that meets the requirements will get their MOCHA tokens.

To ensure supply is regulated accordingly, the MOCHA tokens will be disbursed based on a vesting timeline of 3 months. So you can expect 33.3% of your MOCHA tokens to arrive each month. The distribution process will commence on May 1st, 2021.

MOCHA has a total supply of 500,000 with auto deflationary capabilities to support Café Smart Vaults and the CafeSwap team is looking to put a large chunk of these tokens in the wallets of brewers. And this airdrop ensures only brewers that prove themselves worthy get the rare MOCHA.

Still not sure you want to brew? Here’s your chance to reconsider.

Keep trading on CafeDEX! Who know’s you could win another airdrop.

Happy Brewing!

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