HERON ASIA Public Sale (ICO) on CafeSwap

2 min readOct 28, 2021

Hey Brewers!
We are thrilled to announce another Initial CafeSwap Offering (ICO) to launch on the CafeSwap LaunchPad. Heron Asia will hold the public sale of their $HERON token on both CafeSwap and Launch Zone Pad.

HERON ASIA ICO Details on CafeSwap
Time: 30th October, [1:00 PM UTC]
ICO Price: 0.015 BUSD
Listing Price: 0.015 BUSD
Total Funds to Raise: Equivalent of $150,000

How to join the Heron Asia ICO.
ICO’s on CafeSwap are pretty straightforward and simple to join.
Since this ICO is based on raising Single asset, Outlined below are the required steps to follow:

Step 1: Purchase $BUSD
Step 2: Once the sale is live, commit your single asset $BUSD to buy $HERON, as you’ll be purchasing the tokens with your BUSD.

Find here, the link to the ICO: https://cafeswap.finance/ico

After the Sale ends, claim your purchased tokens as well as any funds you didn't spend.

Launch Zone will add 30% of its liquidity to CafeDex. Further plans regarding DEX integration and an increase in liquidity will be communicated.

Public Sale Vesting Schedule :
•10% will be released at TGE
•90% will be released in the next 12 months at the monthly rate of 7.5%
Cliff for one month

Get Ready for the Heron Asia ICO and keep that Coffee Brewing!!

About Heron Asia
Heron Asia is the first tokenized Eco Retreat Sanctuary that is the ultimate destination for wellness. Their innovative and integrated blockchain model has real use-cases in the booming health and wellness industry. The luxurious wellness retreat combines eco-friendly lodging without compromising comfort and convenience. Heron Asia applies the models of DeFi, GameFi, and NFT to a chain of eco-friendly retreats to provide the users with the best wellness experience as well as a highly sustainable source of income. They are ReDeFining Wellness Retreat.

Find out more about Heron Asia:
Docs |Website |Telegram | Announcements|Twitter

About CafeSwap
CafeSwap is a Standalone Automated Market Maker (AMM) offering a suite of yield farming, yield optimization, and staking platform, to trade multichain assets with the lowest transaction fees available. It is a one-stop DeFi solution to make decentralized finance services accessible to liquidity providers and yield aggregators.

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