CafeSwap Stablecoin Staking Pools.
1 min readMar 4, 2021

Good day brewers,

The community has spoken and we have listened — We are opening two staking pools for BUSD and USDT!

These pools will be fully sponsored by the rewards received from the Developer’s wallet in the form of 144 BREW tokens per day and not a single additional token will be minted for these stablecoin pools.

Stablecoin pools are low-risk and low reward pools for people who want to have the chance to earn BREW tokens. Both pools will have a minimal deposit fee of 3% which will be used as an additional buyback and burn mechanism to regulate the BREW total supply.

But ser, what if rug pull?” — Don’t worry we’ve got that part covered as well. The stablecoin pools will be implemented on a special smart contract called CafeChef, which does not have a migrator and minter function. This means that the owner of these smart contracts will not be able to alter the funds at all, hence funds are SAFU!

Happy Brewing☕☕

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