CafeSwap $Mocha Token ICO (Initial Cafe Offering)

MOCHA is finally here!

The long-awaited delectable, rare Mocha token is finally here. It will be ushered in through an IFO on the CafeSwap launchpad. Excited already? You should be!

What’s all the fuss about $MOCHA?

The tasty token is deflationary. 1% of MOCHA supply will be burned during the soon-to-be-released NFT staking. Of course, this will affect the supply of the massively rare token.

Participants in the CafeSwap dual staking will earn MOCHA rewards. 5% of the harvest will be burned, reducing the circulating supply of $MOCHA.

MOCHA isn’t all ‘burn’ there’s some substance to the deflationary token as well.

If you have ever wanted VIP privileges, MOCHA is your go-to token.

$MOCHA offers holders the opportunity to take part in future IFOs on CafeSwap. There are also specific staking pools reserved specifically for MOCHA holders..

By holding $MOCHA, you can earn more MOCHA from the CafeSwap smart vaults. And be a respected brewer as well. It’s certainly tasty don’t you think?

Details of the $MOCHA IFO

•Launch time: 6th May 11:00 AM UTC+

•For sale: 35,000 $MOCHA

•Total Funds to Raise: $1,050,000

•BREW to burn: $525,000

•Price per token: $30

$MOCHA Tokenomis

  • Max Supply : 500,000
  • Initial Supply : 50,000

Participation Guidelines

Craving some $MOCHA already? Here’s how to partake in the IFO:

In typical IFO style, participants have to buy $BREW and BNB tokens.

Convert them to LPs by adding liquidity to the relevant pair.

The Sales :

Once the sale starts, commit your $BREW — $BNB LP for an opportunity to buy MOCHA.

After the Sale:

Once the sale is over, retrieve your purchased MOCHA and any unspent funds.

Liquidity will be added immediately after the sales of the rare token and locked for 6 months.

Just so we are clear, MOCHA is a CafeSwap token, so you can expect exemplary after-sales.

Remember, this is CafeSwap’s first IFO; expectations will be exceeded that’s for sure.

Get your $BREW and $BNB ready guys. It’s going to be big!

IFO Link:

Social Handles And Important Links :

Telegram Ann:

Telegram Group:





Smart Vaults:

Cafe DEX:




CafeSwap is a Cross Chain chain yield farming, staking and AMM platform. Visit us at

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CafeSwap is a Cross Chain chain yield farming, staking and AMM platform. Visit us at

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