Step By Step Guide For DEX Upgrade
2 min readMar 21, 2021


Hey Brewers!

You may have seen the CafeSwap Upgradation plan but it seems pretty confusing for newbies right,
Here is a step-by-step guide to let you know, how to deal with the new upgrade.

The farming pools that will go live tomorrow will be

This all pools will be powered by cafeswap lps
Here is what you need to do to participate and earn those high juicy APR if you are in old pools:

  1. Unstake your LP from corresponding old pools at
  2. Head towards
  3. Remove liquidity
  4. Separate the liquidity(Do not sell else you will face IL losses).
  5. Head towards new CafeSwap Dex(link to new dex will be published in the main group).
  6. Add liquidity
  7. Select the same pair to add liquidity.
  8. Add the liquidity.
  9. Head towards
  10. Stake Cafe-LPs in new farms to earn juicy APR.

The old farming pools will still open with reduced APR and the multiplier will decrease over time and will reach 0 rewards in the next 15 days.

The multiplier changes to old pools will be

All pools excluding this will remain as it is until further notice.Users who have staked their brew in staking pool don't have to worry as it will work as it is.

We know it’s a bit extra work for you, to compensate for this effort we have a small gift of mocha rewards which will be given out to 1000 lucky users who put in the efforts for this work, 1000 lucky users will receive 1 MOCHA/Each.
Mocha is a highly deflationary token of cafeswap ecosystem, it will be a primary token for dual farming and will power the cafeswap smart vaults also it is a limited supply token, so it’s nice to have some.

The new pools will be opened at 5:00 AM UTC(22 March). It is not recommended to remove the liquidity before the start of new farms.
(These dates are subject to change in some critical circumstances please keep an eye on telegram group/ann for latest updates)

Happy Brewing

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