Participation Guide for SolChicks IGO on CafeSwap
2 min readNov 29, 2021

The ongoing hype for #Solchicks IGO is real but many of our users are really confused about how they can participate and get a share of the $CHICKS token.

We have prepared a walkthrough guide to help our users understand the sale process of #Solchicks and what they have to do after the sale ends.

SolChicks IGO Details :

Token: $CHICKS

Date and Time: 30th November, 1 pm UTC

ICO Price: 0.05$

Listing Price: 0.05$

Total Funds to Raise: 100,000$

Individual Soft Cap: 200$

Individual Hard Cap: 400$

Token Listing Date: 6th December

Public Sale Vesting Schedule: 25% unlock at TGE, 3 Months Linear vesting (1000 slots will be raffled from Gleam registration).

Once Whitelisting has been completed, Kindly Follow this link to check if you are whitelisted for the IGO:

If you are whitelisted for the IGO, We would like to congratulate you for making your way in from tens of thousands of entries.

FCFS Sale Structure:

The #SolChicks sale will be held on an FCFS basis. 1000 addresses are already whitelisted from the gleam competition and those addresses will be eligible for participation in the #SolChicks IGO. The allocation is not guaranteed, so you need to be fast enough to grab an allocation spot. According to the minimum contribution amount, only 400 users will be able to get the allocation in the IGO and 250 users according to the maximum allocation.

Prerequisite for participation in IGO:

1) Be prepared with BUSD on Binance Smart Chain Network.

2) Keep your Solana address handy.

3) Make sure of your internet connection and gas value for faster allocation as it is an FCFS sale.

Steps to Participate in the SolChicks IGO (Only Whitelisted) :

Step 1: Purchase BUSD from

Step 2: Head over to the IGO page of cafeswap

Step 3: Once the sale is live, approve the BUSD contract.

Step 4: Enter the Solana address & Deposit desired value of BUSD ($200-$400)

NOTE: At the time of committing your BUSD, you will be asked to provide your Solana Wallet Address to receive your $CHICKS token at TGE. We recommend either Phantom or Solfare Wallet.

Token Claim After IGO (Only Whitelisted):

After successful participation in the #Solchicks IGO, you will be able to claim your tokens on the Solana blockchain on the official website of #Solchicks, The token will either be airdropped on the 6th of December or a portal will be opened to claim it manually so be ready with the Solana address you provided on Cafeswap at the time of participation.



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