($PACOCA) ICO To be Held on CafeSwap
3 min readMay 23, 2021


Hello Brewers,

It feels like centuries ago since the MOCHA ICO. But the CafeSwap team has been working endlessly in the background to ensure the growth of the protocol. The Pacoca ICO is sufficient proof.

What is Pacoca?

Pacoca is a portfolio management platform that’s looking to evolve into a One-stop Solution for De-Fi enthusiasts. Through Pacoca, users can track investments across multiple De-Fi protocols.

Unlike the competition, Pacoca will be offering a bird-eye view of your portfolio across multiple De-Fi protocols. The platform will also permit users to invest in projects of their choice easily.

Pacoca aims to increase user participation in De-Fi, ensuring users can reap the dividends of these decentralized dapps without wasting valuable time in the process.

Introducing $PACOCA

Fueling the Pacoca platform is its native token, $PACOCA. Expectations are high for the token which is poised to be deployed in multiple ways. Of course, this will play out in the increased value of $PACOCA.

Here’s a glimpse of the $PACOCA use cases:

•Governance: Holders of $PACOCA can propose and vote on the platform adds new platforms and progresses with its multichain link.

•NFT farming: Take part in farming NFTs by staking $PACOCA. If done properly, users will get access to premium features.

•Earning potential: Whether you just hold $PACOCA in your wallet or stake it in certain vaults, you can take part in fee sharing or get new assets.

•NFT trading: $PACOCA can be used to transact NFTs. Holders of the token have the opportunity to earn big just by trading the Non Fungible tokens.

Token allocation

Max supply of 100,000,000 $PACOCA, including:

● 60% farming.

● 15% development (with vesting).

● 10% IFO.

● 8% airdrop (2 airdrops of 4% each).

● 5% marketing and partnerships.

● 2% Initial liquidity.


•Date: 30th May

•Launch time: 1 pm UTC

•For sale: 10 Million $PACOCA

•$BREW + $Mocha to burn: 50%

•Price per token: $0.15

Participation Guidelines

Looking to bag some $PACOCA?

Here’s a breakdown of how to participate in the $PACOCA ICO:

The Sale

Interested participants can use either the BREW pool or its MOCHA counterpart. By opting for the BREW pool, you’ll have to use the CafeDEX to make BREW-BNB LP tokens, then commit them to the pool during the allotted time.

Users can also settle for the MOCHA pool towards attaining the $PACOCA tokens. To do this, you will have to create MOCHA-BNB LP tokens using the CafeDEX. This is then committed to the pool.

The $PACOCA token allotment per pool will proceed accordingly:

•80% to the BREW pool

•20% to the MOCHA pool

After the Sale

With the termination of the sale, participants can collect purchased $PACOCA and whatever LP tokens not spent during the exercise.

Once the sale is over, liquidity will be added to the relevant trading pairs.

$PACOCA has massive potential. The ICO offers users the opportunity to get a hold of this asset at a discounted price.

Everyone, get your $BREW, $MOCHA and $BNB ready. This will be life-changing.

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