DUEL Network Private Sale (ICO) on CafeSwap

Hi Brewers!

It’s time to introduce the next Initial CafeSwap Offering you have been waiting for. We are excited to announce that Duel Network ($DUEL) will be the next IFO on CafeSwap Launchpad.

What is $DUEL?

$DUEL is a gaming token on Binance Smart Chain offering several exciting features. It is a gaming token where you can duel for events that are open for voting, such as politics, finance, state elections, especially sport.

The most important feature of Duel Network is that you never lose. You will be able to do farming by entering pools through preferences and voting without losing your capital. Winner of the pool will be eligible to earn the total reward while loser of the pool will lose the pool rewards while protecting the main capital. Secret essence of $DUEL farming lies behind this amazing concept of no loss.

Attributes of $ DUEL

User Experience for Companies

Thanks to Duel Network, companies will be able to choose the best product experience by using the preference survey pools they have created. Duel network users who participated in this survey will also be able to receive rewards.

For example, if the company is stuck between option A and option B, it will create two pools in option A and option B and allow one month. If there is more participation in Pool A, Pool A will win. The total reward of pools A and B will be distributed to pool A.

Digital Product Ratings

The DUEL token will not only be used for farming and voting but also various events. One of them is Digital product rating. DUEL Holders will be bounty hunters by participating in multiple rating events and can win DUEL rewards.

Lottery System

One thing Duel Network is planning to bring will be the lottery system. The DUEL pool collected with the lottery to be organized every week will be given to the lucky people. If there is no winner in Lottery, this pool will be sent to the burn address.

Affiliate System

Duel Network will have an affiliate system. If you send a referral link to your friends and add them into the system, a certain percentage of the prizes they win will be sent to your wallet in each prize distribution. In this way, you will be able to win together with your friends.

Challenges NFT

Duel Network did not forget about NFT, which is one of the important areas of the crypto world. The Challenges NFT is an NFT that can be mined under certain conditions using the ERC 721 standard. As a result of the pools won, users will be able to mint NFT under certain categories. For example, users who win awards from 5 pools in the Football category will be entitled to mint from the packs that will be updated every 3 months. Thus, early participants will be able to have more valued NFTs in each pack update and will have all usage rights of these NFTs.

$DUEL ICO Details

Presale Time: August 30, 2021 9 AM UTC

Token For Sale: 1,333,333 $DUEL

Presale Price: $0,075

Listing Price: $0,08

Total Funds to Raise: 100,000$

Vesting Period: 20% initial unlock, 20% release per month for 4 months

BREW to burn: $50,000 (If minimum %100 of target reached)

$DUEL Token Allocation

Maximum Supply: 20,000,000 $DUEL

Private Round: 4,000,000 $DUEL

Public Sale: 7,334,000 $DUEL

DEX & CEX Liquidity : 1,000,000 $DUEL

Marketing: 1,554,000 $DUEL

Team: 2,222,000 $DUEL

Strategic: 1,554,000 $DUEL

Staking & Airdop: 2,334,000 $DUEL

Participation Guidelines

Looking to bag some $DUEL? Is your competitive side sharper than ever? Here’s a guide on how to be a part of the $DUEL Pre Sale ICO, which is going to take place on the 30th of August, 2021.

Participants have to buy $BREW and BNB tokens and convert $BREW and $BNB to $BREW-$BNB LP by adding liquidity on CafeSwap DEX.

Before the Sale

Once the sale starts, commit your $BREW — $BNB LP for an opportunity to buy $DUEL.

After the Sale

Once the sale is over, retrieve your purchased and unlocked %20 of your $DUEL and any unspent funds. Liquidity will be added immediately after the sales on CafeSwap.

Once $DUEL is available for trade on CafeSwap DEX, Farming Pool will be opened on CafeSwap for $DUEL-$BNB LP to put your $DUEL on use.

Along with this, a Cherry on a Cake, New Staking Pool will be Opened to Earn $DUEL exclusive to loyal $BREW Holders of CafeSwap.

Now get your $BREW and $BNB ready for the $DUEL Pre Sale and keep brewing!

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CafeSwap is a Cross Chain chain yield farming, staking and AMM platform. Visit us at https://cafeswap.finance

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CafeSwap is a Cross Chain chain yield farming, staking and AMM platform. Visit us at https://cafeswap.finance