Deswap (DAW) Presale ICO to be Hosted on CafeSwap

Hi Brewers,

We’re so pleased to reveal Deswap (DAW) will be the next Initial Cafe Offering in a Very New Pre Sale Format which is only Available on CafeSwap Finance.

What is Deswap?

Deswap is a Decentralized ecosystem offering lenders and borrowers the opportunity to interact in the most convenient money market. Deswap, a Polygon chain-based platform, plans to revolutionize the asset lending business, enabling users to save more on charges expended in completing transactions, whether lending or borrowing.

Attributes of Deswap

Here are some of the standout attributes of Deswap that gives it an edge in the highly competitive De-Fi space:

  • Faster transactions

The choice of Polygon gives Deswap the leverage to handle as much as 80,000 transactions in a second.

Instant liquidity

Borrow your favorite assets when you need to — not when the system permits. There’s more than enough liquidity to make this a reality.

  • Highly scalable

The combination of a decentralized plasma operator approach and a resilient Polygon chain delivers on the scalability demands of a money market.

  • Ridiculously low gas fee

Compared to other lending platforms, Deswap uses the least gas fee.

  • Secure

The choice of the Polygon chain pays off as stakers and delegates work together to deliver a Proof-of-Stake setup that keeps attackers at bay.

What is $DAW?

DAW is the native token that powers the Deswap ecosystem. It drives crucial utilities for the Deswap platform.

DAW is the governance token of the Deswap. Holders must have a certain number of DAW to create a proposal for the Deswap ecosystem, and DAW holders can vote on such proposals as a quorum is needed to make them binding on Deswap.

DAW will be the token that decides how the lending platform runs. And holders can put that attribute to good use.

The Most important earning benefits of holding $DAW:

1. Deswap’s rewards token $DWAP Will launched immediately after launch of project.

Eligibility for free $DWAP : Only presale investors are available to claim initial Airdrop of 3000 $DWAP each.

2.Only people who hold our $DAW will be able to mint their synthetic stable coins $YAI — which can be exchanged everywhere.

3. and also only People who hold $DAW can parallel mint their stable coin $YAI and earn their daily distribution rewards (described in their tokenomics ) which are free $DAW tokens for $DAW token holders.

Its just like a Multiple income sources just by holding $DAW.

$DAW Token Distribution

The total supply of DAW tokens is 100,000,000. About 240,000 DAW will be available for purchase in the CafeSwap ICO.

23% of the total DAW supply (23,000,000) will be reserved for the team through a 14 month vesting period.

74,000,000 DAW has been set aside for liquidity mining, which is expected to run for up to 9 years.

To learn more about Deswap, visit

Participation Guidelines

Here’s a guide on how to be a part of the $DAW Pre Sale ICO, which is expected to take place on the 9th of July, 2021.

$DAW Pre Sale ICO Details

Launch time: July 9, 2021

Time: 1 PM UTC

For sale: 240,000 $DAW

To raise (USD): $600,000

BREW to burn (USD): $150,000

Mocha Buy-Back and Burn: 15% from raised BNB

Pre Sale ICO token price: $2.5/DAW

The Pre Sale

Here the Twist comes, Unlike the Traditional IFO/ICO Contract Method We have made slight changes in this.

From the Total Pool of 240,000 DAW tokens we will give 75% Allocation to BNB Pool and 25% Allocation to BREW Pool.

In simple The $DAW token allotment per pool will proceed accordingly:

  • 75% to the BNB pool
  • 25% to the BREW pool

Yes You read it right! You Don’t need to Commit LPs anymore for this Pre Sale. You Can Commit Single BNB or Single BREW to separate pool to Participate in this Pre Sale.

After the Sale

On concluding the DAW ICO, participants can proceed to claim their purchased $DAW as well as unspent funds they committed towards the sale.

Deswap Team will make the Liquidity Addition for DAW in 2 weeks of time from Date of ICO once they conclude all their Private/Pre sales.

Once DAW is available for Trade a Farming Pool will be opened on CafeSwap for DAW-BNB LP to put their DAW on use.

Along with this a Cherry on a Cake, New Staking Pool will be Opened for BREW Stakers to Earn DAW with a total pool of 160,000 USD worth which is around 64,000 DAW.

Get your BNB and BREW ready for the DAW Pre Sale.

Keep brewing!

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