DESWAP: CafeSwap To Compensate Investors On IDO Slump
2 min readOct 31, 2021

Owing to the shortfall of returns on investment following Deswap's Initial Cafe Offering on CafeSwap DEX, We are looking to mitigate the losses generated from the ICO's inability to meet projections by compensating investors in a settlement arrangement to prove our commitment to our vision of being a rewarding DeFi platform, valuing and prioritizing our members' trust.

Deswap, the first decentralized marketplace to give loans, collect interests, and mint synthetic stablecoins, aims to revolutionize asset lending by enabling users to save more on charges expended in completing lending or borrowing transactions.

Deswap ICO on CafeSwap DEX

Earlier in July, We launched the public sale of DeSwap’s native token $DAW, on our ICO Launchpad. $DAW acts as a governance token to enable the higher token holders to vote in favor of or against proposals by other Deswap investors, on platform improvements and efficiency. However, a shortfall in investment and market appreciation led to a decline in trading action, making the projection for the pre-sale of 240,000 $DAW, initially aimed at raising (USD) $600,000 at the pre-sale ICO token price of $2.5 per $DAW, unrealizable.

Taking this into consideration, and in an attempt to buffer the effect of the market let-down on its valued investors, We are announcing a compensation arrangement that will mitigate the loss of funds and confidence in the viability of Deswap's ecosystem expansion endeavor.

The compensation arrangements are as follows:

•In this ICO (HERON ASIA) , $10000 worth of any of our current/upcoming ICO tokens will be distributed to all Deswap affected participants

•In future ICO there will also be another $10000 worth of any of our current/upcoming ICO tokens distribution for Deswap affected participants but with a special condition (check below )

Condition: The previous Deswap affected participants should participate in Next ICO with minimum $100 of Contribution.


Keeping to our commitment to resolve the difficulties common with current DeFi technologies, we strive to provide increased efficiency so that users can experience seamless transaction processes on our platform.

We do believe in partnerships and are still committed to creating even more strategic partnerships to design and build new and unique cutting-edge products and services to cater to the needs of our users for future applications and other DeFi use cases. This will enable our investors to achieve their expectations of earning maximum returns and also guarantee the security of their investments.

We are actively driving towards becoming THE Interoperable DeFi Platform that offers multi-chain features and makes decentralized finance services accessible to liquidity providers and yield aggregators.



CafeSwap is a Cross Chain chain yield farming, staking and AMM platform. Visit us at