CafeSwap X PlayMining(DEAPCoin) Partnership
2 min readAug 24, 2021


Hello, Brewers

Playmining and Cafeswap will be forming a strategic partnership to provide one-stop staking, farming, and swapping solutions to Playmining users, This partnership will lead to creating new farming and staking pools on cafeswap to farm BREW and DEP tokens, We will be further expanding this collaboration to strengthen and achieve more things together on BSC.

What is PlayMining(DEAPcoin)?

DEAPcoin comes from DEA, a Singapore headquartered blockchain-based multimedia digital entertainment group that issues NFT and games, whose members are part of the Blockchain Gaming Association.

With the traditional industrial network, DEA owns original IPs drawn by more than 70 famous manga artists and original content such as animes and mangas.

The utility token, DEAPcoin(DEP, ERC20 & BEP20), listed on Bittrex, Indodax, OKEx, and many other exchanges is used to purchase DEA-issued NFTs (ERC721 & BEP721 for the public chain in this Autumn to Winter) that can be used in their games such as The NFTs also serve as collectibles for fans of the issuing famous artists.

DEA’s platform ultimately aims to protect the copyrights of individual artworks in the secondary market. A portion of the sales will be rewarded back to the original creators forever, which incentivizes them to contribute their artworks to the NFT marketplace.

The concept of distributing cryptocurrency to users can attract a large number of users across the world to participate, and thereby building the DEP ecosystem.

New Staking Pools:

  1. Stake $BREW tokens to earn $DEP tokens.

Starts : August 25th @ 06:00 AM UTC+0

Duration: 60Days

2. Stake $MOCHA tokens to earn $DEP tokens

Starts : August 25th @ 06:00 AM UTC+0

Duration: 60 Days.

*The timing is subject to change in certain circumstances.

New Farming Pool:


Earn $BREW

Starts : August 25th @ 06:00 AM UTC+0


CafeSwap welcomes DEAPcoin to our family !!

Guide To Add Liquidity on CafeSwap Finance

1.) Visit

2.) Head towards liquidity section

3.) Click on Add liquidity

4.) Select the desired pair ( DEP-BNB) approve & confirm it.

5.) Visit

6.) Search for DEP-BNB pair & click approve contract

7.) Now Stake your DEP-BNB LP & earn juicy APR.

Happy Brewing!

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