CafeSwap Will Disable Non-Compliant Farms and Lists New Core Farms With High Liquidity Demand

Hello Brewers,

This will enable us to increase our Trading Volumes while offering only High Liquidity Farms. We believe this decision will benefit all of our users and members of Cafeswap by disabling low liquidity farms on the BSC side of CafeSwap.

This choice was taken in light of the fact that some pools couldn’t meet the terms for liquidity so we would need to disable them until further notice. If it’s not too much trouble, note that we’ll generally go to proactive lengths to protect our Brewers, their investments, and their confidence in CafeSwap.

The liquidity farms to be disabled are:

  • xDITTO — BNB
  • wIQ — BNB
  • LORY — BNB
  • SPHN — BNB

We will also be decreasing the multiplier of a few farms on our platform:

  • KALA — BNB: (1x)
  • CZ F— BNB: (1x)

Presently Here’s the Great News!!

It’s obvious that high rewards stay the biggest motivating factor spurring investors and crypto enthusiasts towards yield farming, that is the reason we are making these popularity farms promptly open. The new liquidity pools will enable liquidity providers (LPs) stake their Holdings and generate rewards proportional to their share of the total liquidity pool.

We have included the Following Pairs to CafeSwap Liquidity Farming Program:

  • LTC — BNB
  • LINK — BNB
  • ADA — BNB
  • BUSD — DAI
  • UST — BUSD
  • COMP — BNB
  • AAVE — BNB

The new farms will go live on Oct 9, 2021 at 4 PM UTC+0 with 1x multiplier

Start adding liquidity on to grab the initial high APRs

This is an enormous move the correct way, holding the interests of our brewers on a fundamental level while being enthusiastically dedicated to conveying simply the best!

Get set for better rewards from the Newly Deployed Farms!!

Keep Brewing, and make sure you have it while it’s hot!!

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