CafeSwap Weekly Digest
3 min readJun 7, 2021


Hey Brewers,

Guess what time it is? Yes, it is that time when you catch up on everything that went down on CafeSwap finance this week. It has been a long week, so grab your favorite brew. Here we go!

The Pacoca IFO took place
Following the success of the MOCHA IFO, it was only a matter of time before the Cafe played host to another initial farm offering for a start-up. And Pacoca came calling.
The Pacoca IFO was a great success. About $1.5M was raised from the sales of 10 million $PACOCA tokens.

Following the conclusion of the PACOCA IFO, the burning of $BREW and MOCHA tokens happened. About 169,143 BREW and 2350 MOCHA tokens were burned as part of the usual deflationary measures to keep the Cafe running.

More Collaborations

To make trading of BREW and MOCHA more profitable for brewers and non-brewers alike, CafeSwap finance partnered with Open Ocean Protocol. You can now purchase BREW and MOCHA through the Open Ocean ecosystem.
This week, CafeSwap finance also partnered with IQ Crypto, which should bud well for both communities. As usual, staking and farming pools were created, so you can stake BREW to earn WIQ. You can farm BREW by staking WIQ – BNB LP tokens.
CafeSwap finance teamed up with KetchupSwap recently. That’s another step towards the expansion of the Cafe for the benefit of our community. The farming and staking pools went live on June 5th & 6th making it possible for brewers to earn KETCHUP by staking $BREW.

Dual Farming about to launch in phase 3 ( Delayed )

We always strive to offer the safest products to our users and sometimes we prefer to delay things than release them when they’re not ready.
As you know we were supposed to start #DualFarm Rewards from 2nd june however due to some security concerns we’re delayed it a bit.

The long-awaited dual farms will go live this month. you will be able to auto-compound your LP tokens while mining MOCHA tokens. And there is no shortage of farms and staking pools to choose from.
If you have always wanted some rare MOCHA tokens, the dual farms offer the perfect opportunity to get the deflationary token for free. And don’t forget, your LP tokens get compounded 6 times in a day; that’s more often than most yield optimizers.

New MOCHA Pool unveiled
This week, a new MOCHA staking pool was created. Now, you can earn MATIC by staking MOCHA. For this special pool, there are no deposit fees attached. You can enjoy the massive APR at no extra cost.

Happy Brewing!



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