CafeSwap Twitter And Telegram Challenge
2 min readApr 16, 2021


Hey brewers,

We have some exciting news for you. The Café might have been smoldering hot in the last few days, but we think it’s time to release the tension and bask in the euphoria of our Café while rewarding ever loyal community members.


Before we let the brew out of the Café, any guesses? C’mon, you can do better than that. Okay, let’s spare your blushes!

And the news is… *Drum rolls* CafeSwap is offering $1000 in Brew giveaway!

Yup, you read that right. Why bother with the lottery when the Café has you covered. 100 participants will be chosen the eenie meenie miney moe way. And each of them will get $10 worth of Brew. Amazing, right?

Total Pool => $1000 ($BREW)

Lucky Participants => 100

Reward Per Participant => $10 ($BREW)

Tasks => Twitter & Telegram (Mandatory)


Interested in grabbing these free $BREW for yourself? It’s soothingly easy.

Use the CafeSwap logo as your profile picture on your Twitter account. Anything for the community, remember?

Then add $BREW to your profile name . For instance, if your name is Lopez, it should be changed to Lopez $BREW.

C'mon, it’s not that bad. Or don’t you want the world to know about your favorite brew?.

You’ll need to have at least 10 followers and keep your Twitter account active throughout the period of the campaign.


Participants are requested to use the CafeSwap logo as your telegram profile picture

As always, keep your Telegram account active throughout the period of the campaign .

Fill out this form to mark your entries for the giveaway :


It’s going to be a brewing week as the campaign will end 10 days after the date of the announcement.

A few days after the conclusion of the campaign, winners will be announced on Twitter and Telegram. The Café will reach out to them with steps to claim their winnings.

Happy Brewing!



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