CafeSwap Polygon Launch Trading Contest!

Join CafeSwap’s Trading Competition for a chance to win Great Prizes and Exciting Apple Products

So are you ready to beat the odds to win big prizes and be the proud owner of brand-new Apple products? If you are, then you will absolutely enjoy our “PBREW-WMATIC & WMATIC-WETH Trading Contest!

Roll up your sleeves to show off your trading skills and be at the finish line!

A few things to keep in mind before you join the contest:

The engines are blazing, and the trading rocket is set to launch. Make sure to mark your calendar, Brewers! The trading contest will start on the 3rd of October at 3 PM UTC and end on the 10th of October at 3 PM UTC.

The trading contest will go live on Polygon CafeSwap. The Leaderboard will be ranked based on the number of executed trades and active engagement on our Twitter and Telegram.

Here is the link for the trading contest:

Any decision made by the CafeSwap committee regarding the contest rules can not be overruled.

Trading- pairs:


Prizes :

2nd Place: APPLE WATCH 6

3) (3–5) $200 Each

4) (6–10) $100 Each

5) (11–20) $40 Each

6) (21–50) $10 Each

Bonus Round : 10 Random registered addresses to win Prize Pool of $200 ( 20$ each)

Trading contest winners will be announced on the 11th of October 2021, and the prizes will be distributed within a week after the trading contest is complete.

Any decision made by the CafeSwap committee is not subject to change.

*Note: Winners will have option to either claim Apple Products or equivalent amount of USD Coin/Token.

Good Luck!

CafeSwap Team!

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