CafeSwap Meme Contest!

Alright, brewerinos,

It’s time to roll up your sleeves and get ready for the biggest meme rumble in the BSC ecosystem. We are introducing our first-ever meme contest and want to see you all come up with the funniest and most creative memes in the entire memeosphere!

Rules are simple and rewards are extravagant, so listen up:

- Each participant can enter 1 meme into the contest
- The meme (either image or GIF) should be related to CafeSwap Finance
- You have to share your meme by answering our Twitter post by tagging 3 friends with the hashtag #CafeSwapMemes as well as in our Telegram group

“Boo rules, show me the rewards!”… Alright calm down fellas, here come the mouthwatering rewards for memery:

1st Place — 150$
2nd Place — 100$
3rd Place — 75$
4th & 5th — 50$ each
6th-10th — 25$ each

If your meme doesn’t make it to the top, you still have the chance to win a participation reward. If we receive a minimum of 50 meme entries in the competition, we will randomly pick 10 more memes that will be awarded 10$ each!

You have until the 10th of March to submit your meme for the contest.

*All rewards are will be paid in $BREW within 3 days after the conclusion of the contest.

Let’s find out who are the biggest memers in the CafeSwap community!

Happy Brewing☕

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