CafeSwap Lotteries.
2 min readMar 14, 2021

Happy Monday brewers,

Time for another great update in the Brewery so grab your cup of joe and read through!

CafeSwap is introducing a freshly brewed Lottery and it’s not just any ordinary lottery that you can find in other places — We will have two different types of lotteries:

$BREW Lottery

This $BREW lottery will be organized every day and 20% of each round’s total allocation(pot size) will be burned on a weekly basis. We will provide our community a detailed report of weekly burns every Thursday. Lucky winners will get to fill up their $BREW bags AND we will also add another burning mechanism to the ecosystem, helping sustain the total supply of $BREW.

Each $BREW lottery ticket will cost 1 $BREW.

$BUSD Lottery

This unique lottery will be organized once every 3 days and similarly, 10% of the allocation(pot size) will be used to buyback and burn $BREW. The buyback will occur once a week on Tuesday and we will also provide a detailed report of the buyback and burn on the same day! As this is twice week lottery, the total prize pool will be very attractive not only to our community but also to new investors!

Each $BUSD lottery ticket will cost 5 $BUSD.

The lotteries will be coming to CafeSwap very soon and further technical details will be specified in our Docs section.

Happy brewing everyone!

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