CafeSwap is now open for partners.

Hey Brewers,

We have wonderful news about the Cafe. You might want to grab a glass of your favorite brew for this one because it’s such a mood changer.

Onboarding New Projects

CafeSwap is ready to host IDOs/IFOs. For genuine projects looking to raise the needed funds to begin operations, the Café will serve as the perfect launchpad.

Partnership Form:

As mass adoption of the Blockchain continues to gain momentum, viable projects are looking to pitch their ideas to investors through the opportunity of Initial Farm Openings (IFO)/Initial Dex Offerings(IDO). Having being given that chance, CafeSwap is looking to help other genuine projects find their feet in the crypto space.

With the considerable traction the Café has in this space, the team feels confident about hosting steamy hot IDOs/IFOs that will pull the needed crowd. Nothing draws a crowd like a crowd, and CafeSwap’s could help.


Projects interested in having their IDOs/IFOs hosted on CafeSwap will have to pass through a rigorous screening process.

This scrutiny is critical towards eliminating scams, and other white elephant projects looking to make money off the hands of people without providing value.

To ensure the outcomes of these IDOs/IFOs don’t leave an unpleasant aftertaste, we have organized them accordingly. The nature of the screening will be communicated to potential partners and requirements made known to them.

Of course, brewers will be given priority during these IDOs/IFOs. The Café remains loyal to its community members that withstood its smoldering hot interior while brewing.

Open to Strategic Partnerships

CafeSwap isn’t just going to help project launch, we’re open to partnerships for our staking/farming pools and vaults.

To spice up our staking pools, CafeSwap is looking to partner with viable projects in the Crypto space. Variety is the spice of life, so adding more diverse staking pools to our DEX helps us achieve that.

We believe our current staking pools can be much better. And we intend to expand the liquidity pools on the CafeSwap DEX, so our community has access to more pools. Bringing in more partners is the right way to do this.

Why Should Any Project Partner With CafeSwap?

Well, there’s a lot of incentives on the table for partners and their communities. Here are some juicy benefits:

DEX Fee Rebates & low fees

Partners and their community will enjoy DEX rebates on using the Cafe DEX.

In the 1st month, the rebate on DEX fees is pegged at 50%. That’s 50% of 0.03%, which is a great amount if the trading volume stays high. Partners can’t get such an offer elsewhere.

By the 2nd month, this DEX rebate drops to 25%. With the miserly 0.03% DEX fee, this rebate is still significant, and partners will appreciate them.

Subsequently, a 10% ongoing DEX rebate remains on the table forever. The rebate will always be applied to DEX fees, regardless of the timeline. No existing platforms are offering such rebates.

Besides the DEX rebates, the fees in CafeSwap are relatively low compared to the competition. Add the everlasting rebate, and our DEX services are nearly free.

A dedicated community

The CafeSwap community drives the Café to its current height. They are united, loyal, and dedicated. Partners of the Café will also be treated like family. Partners can count on them to stay the course in this journey. And you certainly want a loyal crowd to cheer you on.

Cafeswap is Audited

Partners of CafeSwap don’t have to worry about exploits, hacks, or rug pull. The Café is audited by the renowned HashEx. Here’s a link to the audit report:

CafeSwap is also undergoing a full security assessment of farming contracts which will be live soon.

By partnering with CafeSwap, partners are confident of a platform that’s in this for the long term.

Regular burns

While $BREW has an extensive use case, the Café ensures the supply of the tokens is kept in check. To achieve this, regular burns are scheduled and proof of these events is provided. We have carried out countless burns since the Café opened its door to patrons.

Partners are carried along, so there are no surprises.

The CafeSwap Vision

Any potential partner still not sure about partnering with CafeSwap should look at the CafeSwap vision. We have plans of putting the Café on the map, and partners that stick with us on this journey will grow with us.

The Café’s doors are open to new partnerships, though not for long. Interested parties should reach out to the team or fill in the form here.

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