Binance BUIDL Program.

Hello fellow brewers,

Our community is growing at a fast pace and our team at CafeSwap is dedicated to sustain the growth we have been witnessing.

CafeSwap is proud to be part of Binance’s BUIDL Reward Program that seeks to reward Binance Smart Chain projects in the form of monthly rebates for transactions that occur at our Smart Contracts.

What do we plan on doing with monthly rebates? We want to funnel those rewards right back to our community:

  • 50% of monthly rebates will be used to inject additional funds into our new and upcoming Polkadot staking pool. You will be able to provide liquidity in our BREW/DOT farming pool to earn BREW or simply stake your BREW to earn DOT, your choice!
  • 30% earned transaction fees will be used for BREW buyback and burn.
  • The remaining 20% earned transaction fees will be used for further BREW marketing strategies.

This is just the beginning folks. Visit to our Twitter and Telegram channels to keep up with CafeSwap!

If you want to read more about Binance’s BUIDL program, you can visit their page here:

Telegram Ann:

Telegram Group:






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