After an Exciting week battling it out on the CafeSwap Trading platform, we are delighted to announce our Top Traders for the Week! Those who against all odds, beat over 500 other participants to secure a position for themselves at the top.

Those rewards were a sure motivation and incentive!

The Trading Competition was launched to celebrate our integration with the Polygon Network hence the chosen trading pairs. The trading pairs available to trade to secure eligibility were:


For the duration of the competition, we had 597 participants actively trade either or both of the pairs, consequently generating a whooping total volume of $1,322,073.090! Total transactions for the week amounted to 3,837. Our top trading address went on to grab that first place for himself, transacting a volume of 245,983.53 - more than 18% of the total volume!!

And now, the details you’ve all been waiting for 😍:

Below is the link to winners addresses with their prizes mentioned ( check ranking table):

=>{ }

Prizes for the Winners:
1st Place: APPLE IPHONE 13 or an equivalent amount of USD Coin

2nd Place: APPLE WATCH 6 or an equivalent amount of USD Coin

3rd -5th place: $200 worth of pBREW each

6th- 10th place: $100 worth of pBREW each

11th - 20th place: $40 worth of pBREW each

21st - 50th Place: $10 worth of pBREW each

Important Note:
For our bonus round, we also are rewarding 10 Random registered addresses with $20 worth of pBREW each!

So, here is the Bonus round Winners🏆 list :











Congratulations to all our winners, this was fun while it lasted, and hopefully, we can do more some other time!

Proof of Reward Distribution with transaction link :

Rank 1 to 2 :

Rank 3 to 50 & Bonus round :

All prizes have been successfully distributed to the Winners 🏆

Cheers, and keep trading!
CafeSwap Team.

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